PCL: Political Communication Lab, Stanford University
PCL: Political Communication Lab, Stanford University

Campaign 2004: Bush vs. Kerry

The Youth Vote

Every Vote Counts! A Non-Partisan Handbook for New Voters

PCL produced a multimedia CD during the 2004 campaign targeted to young voters. EVC presents substantive information about the presidential candidates and includes a variety of politically-themed games and contests.

Campaign Ads

Candidates and the Issues

Vote 2004: Presidential Candidates in Their Own Words

This Macromedia Flash presentation covers the policy positions and campaign ads of George W. Bush and John Kerry. The primary source material consists of excerpts from the candidates' speeches and issue platforms.

Decision 2004: Presidential Candidates In Their Own Words

Decision 2004 covers the credentials and policy positions of all nine candidates contesting the Democratic nomination with comparable information about the Republican nominee, President George W. Bush. Multimedia content is taken from televised debates, news coverage of other campaign events, and political advertisements.

California Primary