PCL: Political Communication Lab, Stanford University
PCL: Political Communication Lab, Stanford University
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Campaign 2000: Presidential Primary

Bill Bradley

Title Topic Date
Michael Jordan Endorsement 2/00
Intro Biography 2/00
Choice Abortion 2/00
Only Bill Bradley Issues 2/00
Hard Working Economy 1/00
Sioux City Health Care 12/99
Living Room Health Care 12/99
Working Families Health Care 12/99
HMO's Health Care 12/99
Medicaid Health Care 12/99
A Different Campaign Campaign 11/99
It Can Happen Biography 11/99

George W. Bush

Title Topic Date
Integrity Issues 2/00
Reformer with Results Issues 2/00
Dangerous World National Security 11/99
Pictures Leadership 11/99
Successful Leader Leadership 11/99
Priorities Issues 11/99
Hopeful Campaign 11/99
Every Child Education 11/99

Steve Forbes

Title Topic Date
Pro-Life Abortion 1/00
Flat Tax Tax Reform 11/99

Al Gore

Title Topic Date
Committed Health Care 2/00
Taken Environment/Health Care 2/00
Su Voto Hispanic Issues 2/00
Champion Leadership 1/00
Insure Health Care 12/99
Vouchers Education 12/99
Build Health Care 12/99
Family Biography 11/99
Ocean Environment 11/99
Reporter Biography 11/99

John McCain

Title Topic Date
Ready To Lead Biography/Gov't Reform 2/00
Pork Barrel Special Interests 2/00
Faces of America Social Security 1/00
Character, Courage Biography 11/99

Republican National Committee

Title Topic Date
Litmus Test Gore-Defense 1/00

Republican Leadership Committee

Title Topic Date
Forbes Campaign Party Unity 11/99