PCL: Political Communication Lab, Stanford University
PCL: Political Communication Lab, Stanford University
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Campaign 2000: George W. Bush


Title Topic Date
Nomination Acceptance General 8/00

Ads Sponsored by the Bush Campaign

Title Topic Date
Nonsense Prescription Drugs 10/00
America the Beautiful (English) Latino Community 10/00
America the Beautiful (Spanish) Latino Community 10/00
Tools Family 10/00
Phyllis Education 10/00
Trust Trust in Government 10/00
58% Education 9/00
Compare Tax Plan 9/00
Credibility Campaign Finance 9/00
No Changes, No Reductions Medicare 8/00
Education Agenda Education 8/00
New Americans Education 7/00
Once Education, Social Security 7/00
Hard Things Education, Social Security 7/00
www.georgewbush.com Web Site 6/00
How About You? Personal Appeal 6/00
Same As Mine Personal Appeal 6/00
Challenge the Status Quo Education 3/00

Ads Sponsored by the Republican National Committee

Title Topic Date
El Sueno America es Para Todos (Spanish) Latino Community 11/00
Newspapers Campaign 10/00
Solvent Federal Budget 10/00
Nuestros Hijos (Spanish) Family 10/00
Para Sentirse Mejor (Spanish) Latino Community 10/00
Big Relief vs. Big Spending Tax Plan 10/00
Gore-Gantuan Federal Budget 10/00
Notebook Medicare 9/00
Let's See Campaign Finance/Education 9/00
Really Campaign Finance 9/00
Priority Medicare 9/00
Federal Medicare 9/00
Education Recession Education 9/00
Wanda Social Security 9/00
Agenda Environment 8/00
This Generation Social Security 6/00
Social Security Social Security 6/00
Expect More Education 6/00